Food & Drink

Lovund Hotell is not just a hotel, but also a place for good food and drink experiences. Our menus and concepts vary with the seasons of the year, but common to all of them is our love for the sea and good flavours. Our restaurant is divided into different environments to adapt to our seasons and our different guests' needs.




Pianostuen is the hotel's little pride. Great menus are served here with ingredients from local fishermen, growers and enthusiasts. Our skilled waiters find the best wines to match. So sit back and let yourself be taken care of by our staff who will do their utmost to give you the good Lovund experience.


In the summer season, the daily menus are served in 3 - 5 servings that vary according to ingredient availability, and for the remainder of the year 3 - 5 course menus are provided upon order.

Dining hours

Winter 17.00 - 22.00 (20.00)
Summer 18.00 - 22.00


The bistro is our winter restaurant and is the place for life's little moments.
From our Bistro menu, small and larger dishes are served that can be shared with someone you like or yourself. In the Bistro's own bar you will find a good selection of tasty wines and cocktails.

During the summer months, Pianostuen's menus take over the food service and the Bistro provides room for those who want a cocktail before dinner, a good glass of wine or a good cup of coffee.
Breakfast and lunch are served in the bistro all year round.

Dinig hours

Winter: 12.00 - 13.30 / 16.00 - 23.00 (21.00)
Summer: 12.00 - 14.00 / 16.00 - 24.00 

Blikksalen & Blikkbaren

Blikksalen is for the big moments in life and the room is of course best enjoyed when it is filled with festive guests. Here, in cooperation with our kitchen and Blikksalen's own bar, we can arrange great banquets, jubilees, weddings and concerts with up to 100 guests. That is when Blikksalen is happy.

During the summer months, Blikksalen gives us extra space for our breakfast and dinner guests.


As an addition to our wine menus, we also have a good place for the slightly more exclusive wines. A place where the wines can be stored and matured until the right time, occasion and guest come by. So if you are visiting us, you are of course welcome to come in to take a closer look.

If you find something good on our cellar menu that you would like us to put aside until your visit, just send us an email and we will hold the wine until you arrive.
Send an e-mail to with the desired wine, quantity and date of arrival, and we will reserve it until you arrive!


Cellar menu.