Worth seeing

We like everything that is worth seeing. It is about natural or man-made visual objects or areas that are worth seeing while you are at Lovund.
The entrance ticket costs only a moment of your time.

The Puffins kingdom

Evening trip to the kingdom of the puffins In the evening, in the period...

Worth doing

It's nice to have something to fill your time at Lovund with. Something that doesn't just take a moment, but drags you out into nature for a longer time.
Your own legs are the most important means of transportation, and we provide maps and objects that can help you more easily explore the island and surrounding seas.

Badeplassen Amfi
Bathing spot Valen Amfi

Bathing spot in the middle of the village, with a white sand beach. The sur...


Early in the morning! In the early morning or in the evening there is of...

Experience the Lovund village

A nice daytime activity, almost regardless of weather. Lovund is k...

Havgolf 2023
Sea Golf

An adventurous experience We are a little proud of this particular littl...

Worth visiting

The Coast Coffee
The Coast Coffee

Now, why "The Coast", you ask? Oleksii used to be a typical city lover, ...