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Time for good experiences

Lundkommardagen 12.- 15. april 2024

We invite you to spring's biggest natural event; Lundkommardagen. We offer ...

Experience the Lovund village

A nice daytime activity, almost regardless of weather. Lovund is k...

Havgolf 2023
Sea Golf

An adventurous experience We are a little proud of this particular littl...


Early in the morning! In the early morning or in the evening there is of...

Badeplassen Amfi
Bathing spot Valen Amfi

Bathing spot in the middle of the village, with a white sand beach. The sur...

The Coast Coffee
The Coast Coffee

Now, why "The Coast", you ask? Oleksii used to be a typical city lover, ...

How to travel to Lovund and how to get in touch with us at Lovund Hotell

With several daily departures by speedboat and ferry to and from hubs on the mainland, the journey is easier than you might think. Find your way to Lovund here or contact us at If you are planning a trip for a larger group, please contact Here you will get a personal contact person who will guide you through everything and make a program tailored just for you.


Experience spring's great sign of arival with us at Lovund!
Lundkommardagen is the day the Puffins arrive to their nesting place here at Lovund.
Thousands of birds come in large flocks and create great impressions and great experiences.


Summer route - Interail on the Helgeland coast

In the period 23 June - 20 August 2024, you can take the summer route. The special thing about this route is that it goes via our most beautiful and exciting islands, such as Lovund, Træna, Myken, Rødøy, Bolga and Støtt. This is definitely the best way to experience the magnificent Helgeland coast.


Lovund Hotell, 35 years in the travel industry

One December evening in 1987, the dreams of Torill & Torgrim Olaisen were presented to the family. These were well received and given full support and great commitment.
In January 1988, Lovund Tourist AS was established and "Lovund Turistheim" became the first full-service accommodation and restaurant in Lovund. Today, 35 years later, the dream lives on in Sivert Olaisen and Lovund Hotell. Still with full support and great commitment from the family.