The Coast Coffee

The Coast Coffee

Now, why "The Coast", you ask?

Oleksii used to be a typical city lover, navigating concrete jungles and thinking that nature was only a distant concept. He was in for a surprise! The rugged beauty along the Norwegian coast stole his heart and became the cornerstone of his craft. The salty marine air, the untamed view - they all fueled his passion. The coffee roastery is located in a renovated motor museum, a charming contribution to Lovund's maritime history. Imagine roasting beans with the fantastic backdrop of teh Lovund mouintain and the sea, visible from every window.

At The Coast Coffee, they don't just roast beans; they create experiences. Their journey is a blend of city vibes and coastal charm, where every cup is a sip of the ocean breeze and a taste of their commitment to quality. Join them on this exciting journey, where every batch is a story, and every drop is a celebration of their love for the bean.

Treat yourself to the extraordinary. Welcome to The Coast Coffee - where every sip is a coastal escape, and every "roast" is a work of art.

Cheers to good coffee